Agency Digital Learning Fast Track

This fast track makes it easier for marketers to learn and leverage digital marketing for the agency. If you are marketing for the agency, following and completing this track will give you the quickest and most direct route to drive business results. While you can take the classes in any order you wish, we recommend you watch them in sequence to get the most from your learning experience.


Introduction to Digital Marketing

If you are new to digital, this is the ideal place to start.
Crafting the right strategy for your business takes a visionary approach to understanding the real business value of digital and how to create experiences that customers want. This lesson will start with the basics about how to define value, craft...
21 min


Fundamental Best Practices of Digital

Time to move into each discipline of digital and get a handle on how each works.
A digital destination is a place online where a target audience can interact and learn more about a brand. This class details five types of destinations and uses real brand examples to demonstrate how to effectively create engaging destinations for...
15 min
Drivers are the messages that inspire people to visit a brand destination. In this class, we review all of the primary types of drivers and how to use them to reach the right audiences. We also look at measurement and...
42 min
Learn the framework for social media marketing success. This introductory class defines what is (and what isn’t) social media marketing and how to describe its real value. In addition, by looking at the five most common social media marketing mistakes,...
54 min


Digital Strategy & Planning

Now that you understand the fundamentals, now it’s time to build a plan. Here’s how.
Today nearly all businesses are using digital marketing, but many do not have a strategy. This means they're missing out on opportunities to get more leads and sales from their online channels.

Watch now to learn how to create a...
51 min


How To Section

Watch these classes to show you “how to” get started with any efforts in digital marketing for the agency.
This class teaches email message design, copy and creative best practices for email message construction!
54 min
Like gasoline, landing pages are powerful but volatile. They can power the engine of your online or burn through leads with little to show. When done right, landing pages will reduce the cost of your advertising. They make everything we...
46 min
73% of B2B leads passed to sales are not sales ready. When marketing passes leads to sales too soon, it can make sales distrustful of the lead generation process in general. That’s where lead nurturing enters the picture. By implementing...
49 min
In this class, you will learn how to be the company that you yourself would buy from. It is essential to stay active in educating and empowering your target audience, and this class will walk you through the necessary tools...
28 min
The Google Analytics platform is always evolving. What are the latest capabilities of Google Analytics? Find out in this class.
34 min
In customer to customer marketing, positive brand advocacy is a measure of success. Experienced retail marketers, for example, know how to deliver product communications on Facebook so that customers who have a positive experience are encouraged to share that...
29 min
Learn how to keep conversations going with people who've already expressed interest in your products, and give them more reasons to "buy now." In this class, you'll learn how to expand your campaigns using remarketing to reach customers--after they've left...
28 min
Twitter Engagement Tactics for ROI focuses on the ways to improve your twitter marketing. This Twitter marketing course provides the essentials to reinforce your social methodologies and launch campaigns that will provide greater returns. This training will enumerate the best...
39 min
This social media marketing class explains how visual storytelling through social media is a powerful way of connecting with people online and generating great content that builds brand awareness as well as brand loyalty. Strong content that uses visual storytelling...
75 min
The new bidding system on the Google Display Network is an easier, more transparent way to bid exactly the right amount for your consumer without the need to set up a complex campaigns. This class will walk you through how...
18 min
Search and display are better together! This class will provide an overview of remarketing across search and display with Google thanks to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Dynamic Remarketing. Join us for an overview of these latest features including...
47 min
As observed in this class, Google has commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the perceptions and buying practices of interactive marketers with respect to display-based contextual and audience (e.g. behavioral, demographic, retargeting) targeting. This class will walk through the different types...
29 min
In this class, you will learn how to find new customers by reaching audiences that share the same characteristics as your existing customers: those that are most likely to buy your products and services. You will learn how to connect...
22 min
Whether you're new to display advertising or a seasoned vet who could use from fresh pointers, this class will get you up to speed on the best tips, tricks, and tools to optimize your Google Display Network campaigns.
40 min
Online brand marketing is moving at a lightning pace, gaining insights from more and more audience data by the day. Whether it's through searching, recommending, reviewing, or sharing, the data is out there -- making it easier than ever to...
46 min
Display advertising is now critical for today's marketing strategies. In this class, you will focus on the Google Display Network solutions that can help develop the best strategy for display advertising. You will also learn how to combine audience and...
26 min

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