Trending Best Practices Learning Fast Track

This fast track makes it easy for anyone in the digital space to understand the big trends impacting digital marketing and the implications of each area, such as content marketing, social media and email marketing. Following and completing this track will give you the quickest and most direct route to understand the benefits each trend and how it will drive business results.


Social Trends

Facebook Updates, Google+ Latest Trends, Twitter Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.
Technology is giving every brand the ability to be more human and engage with their customers in personal, meaningful ways. In this class, learn how Google+ helps you express your brand, create deeper connections with your audience and get discovered...
17 min
Even brands that don’t technically advertise on TV can begin marketing to viewers of TV content in this emerging milieu. Marketers who are poised to exploit these emerging technologies and platforms will change advertising as we know it. The convergence...
55 min
B2B social media marketing classes demonstrate how B2B digital marketers can more effectively deliver their brand message and tell their brand’s story with the help of visual tools through social media platforms. By quickly allowing your target audience to see...
42 min
This Facebook (FB) marketing class covers new, creative, and unconventional Facebook marketing techniques that can drive more fans and leads, resulting in higher sales volume. These best practice Facebook marketing tactics and strategies, such as leveraging your website traffic to...
55 min


Mobile Trends

Apps, NFR/QR codes, and the mobile web's latest.
Pinterest, Vine & SnapChat are all booming social networks that many companies and marketers are not yet taking seriously. With millions of users, these visually centered social networks are underutilized, and by following best practices to fully engage, marketers...
35 min
Mobile applications are driving innovation for the mobile marketing space. It is now critical for digital marketers to understand how mobile applications can dominate over mobile websites, and the potential that innovation in this space has in improving your mobile...
Mobile social media marketing classes help successful mobile marketers use an integrated approach to SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) marketing in order to provide a seamless online user experience through social media and geo targeting. Best practices SoLoMo marketing techniques gives local businesses...
58 min
Remember when you had weeks—or even months—to plan, produce and perfect your videos, articles and brochures? If you ever had that luxury, those days are gone. Anyone with a smartphone and a bit of creativity can shoot decent video and...
37 min


Search & Display Trends

Search Marketing SEO, PPC, AdWords & all things Google.
Google Authorship social media marketing classes are a highly effective way of learning best practice social media techniques for connecting and promoting content on search results pages while ensuring higher click-through-rates (CTR). The tie-in with Google+ profiles creates verified connections...
33 min
The new bidding system on the Google Display Network is an easier, more transparent way to bid exactly the right amount for your consumer without the need to set up a complex campaigns. This class will walk you through how...
18 min
Search and Social media marketing classes offer social media marketers valuable data that can improve their overall digital marketing strategy in order to respond to potential customers in their target audiences. For many businesses, one the critical requirements of...
30 min
The fragmentation of today's media landscape means consumers engage with video advertising across multiple devices and platforms. Video consumption is now a pervasive, multi-screen proposition, making the marketer’s job more complex. Managing and executing exceptional brand experiences across screens has...
53 min


Technology Tools Trends

Big Data, Social Apps, Marketing Automation, and more.
Target account marketing is essential to generating more conversions from your dream accounts, and involves several components. Understanding the essentials of target account marketing can help you to focus your marketing budget efficiently and create more conversions. In this class,...
21 min
Successful marketers know conversion paths routinely span search, social and other channels. So how should marketers award each channel its fair share of credit for a conversion?

To best optimize media buys based on a transaction or some other conversion...
18 min
In today's digital world we are awash with data, but do you understand how much you have, what you can source, how to make it actionable and who else is making a profit from it? CMOs have come to realize...
37 min


Other Trending

There are two sides at which organizations can be positioned in the social business spectrum. At one end, there are those that view social media as primarily a media channel through which their brand can be marketed to audiences –...
36 min
This social stream marketing class offers insight into how to increase brand visibility in your audience’s social streams, providing information on how cross-channel, integrated and multi-touch marketing strategy drives engagement, builds customer loyalty, and increases conversions. By understanding the effectiveness...
54 min

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