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Will 2015 be the year you finally achieve what you once believed to be unattainable? Getting there means taking action to set yourself apart - sharpening your narrative, rekindling old friendships, tapping in to the media, and preparing to jump on emerging trends. Personal Branding for the Digital Age is your best starting point, sharing the tips and steps you'll need to break through to the Brand You.

Branding is a formula for business recognition. Applying this on a personal level is just as important. As marketers, we all have that personal brand that we'd want to improve. The better you define your personal brand, the easier it is to become an authority in the field that you're pursuing.
Developing your personal brand emphasizes the following points:

• The right values
• The strongest passions
• The ideal traits
• The potential vision

In this channel, you will learn everything there is to know about personal branding. This course will teach you how to project a strong image that you can apply for personal and business growth. The course will cover different topics of interest - from cultivating your brand, to using it as leverage in the digital landscape.

Personal Branding for the Digital Age is a Strategy & Planning type of course. This will cover step-by-step techniques for enhanced marketing efforts. The course will teach you how to apply proven methodologies and the best branding practices for different situations.

We offer this personal branding training to help you stay updated with the latest tactics in the digital landscape. At the end of this learning session, you will gain the basic knowledge in reinforcing your personal brand and defining its role in successful digital marketing. This will give you the edge you need to conceptualize a stronger marketing program and the next steps you need to take, whether for business or personal career development.

Apart from this channel, we have supporting brand marketing courses to further enhance your knowledge. Some of the courses you can take alongside this channel will tackle digital branding etiquettes, rebranding strategies, positioning, and cultivating your online presence.

Personal Branding for the Digital Age is a starter brand marketing training. This will be taught by Victoria Ipri who has long been teaching marketing solutions for businesses. As an independent marketing consultant, Victoria has a strong grasp of different branding techniques to help participants become experts in their field of practice.

Join this class, get access to our extensive library of resources, and learn how to master your own brand today.

Instructor: Victoria Ipri

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