Using Big Data to Support Managing Marketing Performance

Get clear on Big Data—what it is, and how to leverage it for improved marketing ROI.

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Some marketing questions require robust analytics. For example, understanding what mix of channels are driving sales for a particular product or in a particular customer set or what sequence of channels is most effective. These types of questions often require large sets of data, or what is being referred to as Big Data.

Study after study shows that marketers are struggling with mining and analyzing data in order to derive valuable insights, actionable intelligence and manage performance. A recent report by EMC found that only 38% of business intelligence analysts and data scientists strongly agree that their company uses data to learn more about customers.

The difficulties associated with amassing, analyzing and using these large and disparate data sets keep many companies from maximizing their use of Big Data.

So while Big Data might seem a bit daunting, there are steps you can take to navigate using Big Data. Learn what they are now.

You Will Learn

  • What the term "Big Data" means, and why it is important for marketing when it comes to strategy, product and pricing decisions
  • How to identify data sources that need to be linked
  • How leveraging Big Data can improve marketing ROI
  • 6 steps for navigating Big Data (it's not as scary as you think!)
  • How to organize your data into meaningful insights, and convert your findings into a business story.
Instructor: Laura Patterson

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