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Adam Wexler

Chief Strategy Officer,  Insightpool

Adam Wexler (@thewordpainter) is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Insightpool, the leading social marketing software that help brands develop stronger relationships with their key influencers, prospects and customers. Fortune 1000 brands like UPS, Hilton Worldwide and A&E Networks use Insightpool to scale their social outreach and drive their bottom line metrics. Insightpool was spawned from the creative social media marketing tactics Wexler employed on his prior startup, GoRankem, where they sought to reach a wide audience on a non-existent marketing budget (outside of being the first successful web startup to successfully raise money via Kickstarter's crowdfunding platform). Over the years, Wexler has been invited to speak in front of thousands of students and event attendees about social media and entrepreneurship. At different times, Adam has also been the voice behind numerous brands on social media including Sprite, NCAA March Madness and the band Cracker. Wexler graduated from The University of Georgia with a focus in Leadership studies.

  • Digital Advertising & Affiliates
    Online advertising spend is expected to reach $62 billion by 2016, according to a recent eMarketer study. Yet, if you asked GM’s former CMO, Joel Ewanick, the true effectiveness of digital advertising options like Facebook are highly questionable. Just last year, Ewanik pulled GM’s $10,000,000 advertising spend on Facebook, saying the ads it ran on the world’s No. 1 social...
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