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Carlos Hidalgo

CEO,  The Annuitas Group

Carlos is a known thought leader in B2B marketing for his keen insights on the development and implementation of lead management process, and is also a recognized expert in marketing automation. Most recently, Carlos was named a 2011 Who’s Who in BtoB Marketing.  Additionally, Carlos has been recognized three years in a row (2009 – 2011) by SLMA’s 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management. He is a frequent speaker, blogger and guest contributor of many articles on B2B marketing.   Prior to The Annuitas Group, Carlos was responsible for global SMB marketing at BMC Software. In this role, Hidalgo managed all aspects of marketing and customer relations for the SMB line of products including the creation of strategic messaging, go-to-market strategies, management of all customer communications and demand generation activities. He was also responsible for implementing global marketing best practices and processes, and ensuring all global direct marketing needs were being met. Prior to BMC, Carlos held similar roles at other various B2B companies including McAfee and Staffware, as well as Bertram, McKee & Associates, an independent marketing firm, where he was instrumental in delivering strategic marketing, lead management, generation and database development programs for Microsoft, IBM, HP and Avnet. Carlos received his bachelor’s degree in business communications from Cedarville University in Ohio.

  • Marketing Automation, BtoB Digital
    Today’s B2B buyers complete more than 50% of their buying processes without ever speaking with an actual person. Demand Generation strategy is about effectively engaging with those buyers throughout the buying process. In this lesson, you’ll learn the keys to developing such a strategy, including developing buyer personas, mapping certain content to stages of the buying process,...
    Carlos Hidalgo  •  23 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Digital Advertising & Affiliates, BtoB Digital
    Today’s B2B marketing landscape has changed. "Buyer 2.0 is" more sophisticated than ever and has the ability to get more information on their own to better arm themselves with product and vendor information before they need to engage with sellers directly. Therefore, today’s marketer must act strategically and speak to the buyer in a way that addresses their pain points,...
    Carlos Hidalgo  •  32 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Marketing Automation, BtoB Digital
    Multiple studies have shown that one of the largest revenue obstacles to marketing and sales is the lack of a defined lead management process. Organizations that are looking to maximize their demand generation efforts to ensure there is a defined process on how to manage their prospective buyer relationships.

    Much has been written about lead management in terms of technology...
    Carlos Hidalgo  •  30 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Marketing Automation, BtoB Digital
    Learn what you need to know to plan and implement a successful marketing automation program. Get expert advice to build your case, select the right solution, develop the right people with the right skills, and define your marketing automation implementation strategy. Get on the path to more revenue today.
    Carlos Hidalgo  •  30 min  •  Intermediate  •  Optimization

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