• Chris Boggs

Chris Boggs

Chairman ,  SEMPO.org

Chris Boggs is a specialist with 13 years experience in managing paid, earned, and owned digital media campaigns. His current (12/12) role involves working across Internet specialties and industries to implement cohesive strategies and synergies between online marketing campaigns and design, user experience, and conversion optimization best practices.

Chris has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2000, within all major industries including extensively in Retail eCommerce, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, and B2B. Chris has served on the Board of Directors of SEMPO.org, the Search Marketing Professional's Organization since 2006, was President 2010-2012 and is the Chairman of the current board.  Chris presents regularly at major search marketing conferences and sits on the Advisory Board for Search Engine Strategies, and he is a part time Blogger for Search Engine Watch

  • Search Engine Marketing
    Many marketers have focussed on the engagement rate (or lack thereof) with early Google Plus, and have de-prioritized setting up an official G+ business profile. Early analysis in late 2012 shows that those that have set up profiles are benefiting with increase brand exposure as well as the ability to message to brand searchers in nearly real time.
    Chris Boggs  •  59 min  •  Intermediate  •  Essentials
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Now that you’ve gained an understanding of communications with your current prospects and customers, it’s time for new prospects and customers to find you. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO is how your customers find you. But marketers are often put off by all the technical language SEO experts use so they never really understand SEO’s benefits...
    Chris Boggs  •  47 min  •  Basic  •  Essentials
  • Search Engine Marketing, New Releases
    To promote accurate and relevant listings in Search Engines for people searching what they provide, Small Business Owners in 2015 have to understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization.

    It doesn't matter if SEO is being outsourced or if this crucial marketing function is handled internally: without a certain understanding of the basics, SMB owners are often at risk of not...
    Chris Boggs  •  49 min  •  Intermediate  •  Strategy & Planning

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