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Chris Raulf

President & Internet Marketing Expert,  Boulder SEO Marketing

Chris has two amazing kids, enjoys playing soccer, loves to ride his mountain bike, is big time into yoga and really enjoys living in Boulder, Colorado. He also has over two decades of hands-on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Content Marketing and Marketing Consulting experience and gets a kick out of working with smaller and ambitious companies. He has worked and lived in Switzerland, New Zealand, and for the last 15 years in sunny Colorado. Chris strongly believes that any company with a good product or service should take advantage of what the web has to offer in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

  • Web Analytics & Testing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, New Releases
    Hands down, optimizing your website for search engines is one of the least expensive, yet most effective long-term inbound digital marketing strategy nowadays. A study by Hubspot found that 93% of companies using inbound marketing, such as SEO and content marketing, dramatically increase lead generation and sales.

    Sad but true, a lot of companies spend a lot of money on developing...
    Chris Raulf  •  53 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Content Marketing, BtoB Digital
    Creating digital content has an extensive scope, especially in terms of relevance, uniqueness, and audience interest. You can't just develop content and expect readers to love it at first sight; there's a secret formula to ensuring what you publish will attract the right audience and deliver results.

    Whether writing for a website, social media, or any other digital marketing platform, it...
    Chris Raulf  •  23 min  •  Intermediate  •  Essentials

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