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George Musi

Head of Cross Media Analytics,  DG

George Musi is DG’s Head of Cross-Media Analytics and is responsible for developing and leading DG’s proposition, capabilities and offering for new cross-screen data, analytics and planning tools that provide agencies and brand marketers with a holistic understanding of their video campaign performance; delivered across TV, online and mobile (tablets and smartphones).

George has 17 years of expertise in marketing, media (TV, online and converged) research, analytics, and insights consultancy. He has deep domain knowledge and experience with various TV and Digital research methods, measurement tools and systems, which he has leveraged to develop sophisticated analytic solutions to help advertisers and agencies understand campaign performance and effectiveness across TV and online media and make better media allocation decisions at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

Throughout his career, he has served as an ongoing, trusted strategic advisor to the overall success of various companies across business sectors both domestically and internationally. George’s focus has been on understanding clients’ strategic business objectives, relating those objectives to measurable marketing indicators and delivering insights and strategies that promote continuous performance improvements and ROI.

  • Integrated & Digital Marketing
    The fragmentation of today's media landscape means consumers engage with video advertising across multiple devices and platforms. Video consumption is now a pervasive, multi-screen proposition, making the marketer’s job more complex. Managing and executing exceptional brand experiences across screens has become new art, and mastering video convergence and putting in place measurement programs has become essential. In this class, you...
    George Musi  Mike Caprio  •  53 min  •  Intermediate  •  Essentials

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