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James Hickey

Owner & Consultant,  JMH Marketing Group

Social media marketing instructor James Hickey provides expert tips and best practices for marketing with Facebook and Pinterest. Hickey is a top leader in the Internet Marketing industry. He provides his clients and students with a proven Internet Marketing system for retail, self-employed individuals and home-based businesses. He is skilled in all aspects of Internet Marketing including Video/Article Marketing, Blogging, Google PPC, E-mail Campaigns, Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing, dominating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and much more.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Pinterest marketing strategy classes teach marketers how effectively utilizing popular second-tier social networks can play a huge role in a company’s overall social media marketing strategy. For example, adding Pinterest to your social media marketing mix can help drive customer awareness and generate new leads. There are, in fact, a number a strategic best practices you can use when developing...
    James Hickey  •  26 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Social Media Marketing
    Facebook marketing strategy classes give social media marketers tips for how a successful Facebook marketing strategy can help businesses learn more about their customers on Facebook, while driving more interactions with their profiles for better lead generation. Businesses can use Facebook marketing best practices or tips to utilize Facebook Graph Search and improve their marketing efforts by learning about their...
    James Hickey  •  37 min  •  Intermediate  •  Optimization

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