• Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet Driscoll Miller

President & CEO,  Search Mojo

Social media marketing class instructor Janet Driscoll Miller teaches best practices for lead targeting, SEO, Google Authorship, as well as retargeting through the Online Marketing Institute (OMI). Janet is the president and CEO of search engine marketing firm Search Mojo. With more than twelve years of search marketing experience, Janet has spoken at search engine conferences, including Online Marketing Summit, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Search Engine Strategies and Pubcon. Janet also publishes articles in B2B Magazine, Visibility Magazine and others, and contributes to several blogs and online publications, including Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Sage and the Search Insider. Janet holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Graphic Arts from James Madison University. You can follow her on Twitter at @JanetDMiller.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Ecommerce sites should not ignore social media advertising to reach new consumer audiences, especially the laser-targeting Facebook advertising provides. Learn about Facebook advertising options, including Newsfeed ads and retargeting, that ecommerce marketers can utilize to hone in on their target customers and move the conversion needle.
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  41 min  •  Basic  •  How To
  • Search Engine Marketing
    While many design elements and programming technologies are great for providing form and functionality to a website, they can actually hinder its ability to be read and indexed by search engines. This can prove to be a huge detriment to the long-term sustainability of the website and the business it supports.

    Watch now to learn how to avoid these design pitfalls...
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  21 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing
    Google Authorship social media marketing classes are a highly effective way of learning best practice social media techniques for connecting and promoting content on search results pages while ensuring higher click-through-rates (CTR). The tie-in with Google+ profiles creates verified connections between content on the web and the authors of that content. Rich snippets, including Google authorship, attract more attention...
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  33 min  •  Intermediate  •  How To
  • Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising & Affiliates, BtoB Digital
    Social media retargeting classes show marketers how social media networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn offer high quality demographic data that can be used help improve marketing initiatives across many social platforms. By integrating high quality social demographic data into their retargeting strategy, social media marketers can choose to send very specific messages to prospective customers, using tailored content to...
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  43 min  •  Advanced  •  Essentials
  • Web Analytics & Testing
    Ecommerce presents the unique opportunity to measure digital success all the way through to the sale, providing definitive ROI for marketing efforts. Find out the best way to set up and measure your digital marketing efforts for your ecommerce site and how to use Google Analytics to measure success, including Google Analytics Ecommerce Module, Attribution Modeling, and Google Experiments.
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  32 min  •  Basic  •  How To
  • Search Engine Marketing, Digital Advertising & Affiliates
    Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities available in paid search for ecommerce sites? There are a variety of advertising options ecommerce sites should be leveraging, including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Google AdWords, and retargeting. Learn the basics to determine which option might be best for you to target the right customers and increase your visibility online.
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  59 min  •  Basic  •  How To
  • Marketing Automation, Search Engine Marketing
    Search and Social media marketing classes offer social media marketers valuable data that can improve their overall digital marketing strategy in order to respond to potential customers in their target audiences. For many businesses, one the critical requirements of a successful digital marketing campaign is effectively utilizing multiple social media marketing channels together to create holistic, data-driven social campaigns....
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  30 min  •  Intermediate  •  Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
    SEO can be especially challenging for ecommerce sites due to high competition. Learn effective SEO tactics for ecommerce sites to help you stand out from the crowd. Discover creative methods for increasing your presence in search results, including rich snippets and video.
    Janet Driscoll Miller  •  65 min  •  Basic  •  How To

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