• debbie qaqish

Debbie Qaqish

Principal & Chief Revenue Marketing Officer & Host,  The Pedowitz Group

A nationally recognized thought leader and innovator in the demand and revenue generation space, Debbie Qaqish has dedicated her career to helping marketers answer the burning question of what to do about revenue. A true marketing revolutionary, she has literally coined the term defining today’s new revenue-focused marketer – the Revenue Marketer ®.

Backed by nearly 30 years of sales and marketing expertise, Debbie is a pioneer inmarketing automation – first as a beneficiary of the technology and now as an advocate and expert. Before joining The Pedowitz Group in 2008, Debbie served as the VP of marketing, VP of sales and VP of strategy for several award winning software and technology companies.

Debbie is a noted national speaker and author on topics of 2.0 lead generation, revenue marketing and sales and marketing alignment. She authored the only demand generation certification course on the market today offered by the Online Marketing Institute. Additionally, Debbie hosts a weekly Internet radio show, Revenue Marketer Radio (WRMR), which serves as a revolutionary forum for marketers to share ideas.

  • Marketing automatisé
    You’ve gathered the data. Now what? Many simply report the data, but the best marketers analyze the data and make specific recommendations. This class will help put you among the best.
    Debbie Qaqish  •  60 min  •  Intermédiaire  •  Optimisation
  • Marketing automatisé
    New to the world of Demand Generation? Interested in the possibilities of what marketing automation technology can do for you? This class provides a thorough framework to help you understand and move forward with a demand generation strategy.
    Debbie Qaqish  •  60 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Recherche et planification
  • Marketing automatisé
    Why do people invest in Marketing Automation? This basic introduction covers everything possible with demand gen reporting capabilities and more.
    Debbie Qaqish  •  58 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Les fondamentaux
  • Marketing automatisé
    Using marketing automation, marketing is now making a measurable impact on revenue. This class presents funnel management for marketing, how marketing impacts the sales process, metrics that matter, and sample reports of how all of this is tracked and measured.
    Debbie Qaqish  •  28 min  •  Intermédiaire  •  Mode d’emploi

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