• brandon whalen

Brandon Whalen

Marketing Manager,  Room 214

Brandon Whalen is Head of Marketing and a strategist for social media agency, Room 214. He has worked with Travel Channel, Hello Kitty, and other worldwide brands to create and execute social media campaigns to tens of millions of fans. Currently, Brandon leads digital marketing efforts for Room 214 and contributes to CaptureTheConversation.com.

  • Marketing en redes sociales, Search Engine Marketing, Digital BtoB
    Search engines are the gateway to the web. That's why about 60% of all Internet users turn to sites like Google to find what they need on a daily basis. However, the power of search doesn't stop at websites and blogs. In this class, discover how to optimize your social media content for better exposure and visibility in the search...
    Brandon Whalen  •  46 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Optimización
  • Marketing en redes sociales, Digital BtoB
    Learn how Pinterest can be used to drive referral traffic and generate awareness for your brand. This video covers a few main Pinterest topics which will help you understand the best procedures as you begin your presence.
    Brandon Whalen  •  15 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Procedimiento
  • Marketing en redes sociales, Digital BtoB
    Most marketers have taken command of their Facebook and Twitter presence over the past few years, paving the way for big budget campaigns and a plethora of tools and resources. However, social media is moving at neck-breaking speed. Even as “experts” in the field, we risk missing timely opportunities if our focus is too centered only around the leading social...
    Brandon Whalen  •  23 min  •  Élémentaire  •  Conceptos básicos

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