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OMI is the only Digital Marketing eLearning platform to offer fully customized eLearning programs with the cost effective benefit of leveraging over 400 hours of existing quality content. OMI’s eLearning library is filled with hundreds of classes that can be repurposed to create structured programs for each team’s particular topical, expertise level and vertical market needs. There is simply NOTHING like it today.

Imagine being able to create an eLearning program that can give the local nuance of digital marketing in Shanghai, while doing the same for Sao Paulo. Imagine having a course focused on specific challenges to your particular industry. Imagine a curriculum tailored to your team’s level of expertise (beginner to advance) such as social business strategy for the executive, to mobile marketing tactics for the mobile marketing practitioner; Digital marketing 101 for on-boarding new employees to content marketing planning for the Director of Digital. Yes, it’s all here.

Below are a few examples of how some of the world’s leading brands like Google, LinkedIn, Caterpillar, Cisco, JWT, Zenith Optimedia and many more are using OMI to meet their learning & professional development needs.


Large Team eLearning Center Subscription

Give your team access to the entire OMI library of on-demand classes. Each large team subscription comes with a bulk discount and a portal reflecting your corporate brand. Your employees can both stay current on industry trends & best practices as well as build their own learning experience or follow a path of specific classes that you assign to them. 


Custom Certificate Program 

Create a custom, focused and credentialed learning pathway for your employees to gain credibility in their field. Added structure including quizzes, tests, reporting, badges and employee assessment give you confidence that your people are improving on and mastering their newfound digital knowledge. Best of all, your employees receive a motivating and tangible reward, a certificate from OMI, that will incent learning engagement and enhance their career.


Digital Marketing University 

Imagine a university solely focused on digital marketing and dedicated to meeting your specific business and employee needs. OMI’s Digital Marketing University gives you and your people an end to end custom built learning experience that includes access to the entire OMI library of classes, custom created classes, webinars, in person training, and much more. Your distributors, resellers and customers can benefit too!


Digital IQ Testing 

By far, this is the part of our offering that is the most fun. OMI takes all the standard tests for its industry-wide certifications and randomizes the hundreds of questions into a 100 question IQ test. The result is an amazing way to benchmark the knowledge of your team and identify the areas of strength and weakness. The test is broken down into the major categories of digital to give both an aggregate score on digital as well as a segmented sub score in each area.

For example, one may score in the 61st percentile on overall Digital Marketing IQ and this is how that score will be broken down:

Social Media IQ - 52 Percentile

Email Marketing - 20 Percentile

Digital Advertising – 89 Percentile

Web Analytics – 70 Percentile

Search Engine Optimization – 37 Percentile

Mobile Marketing - 44 Percentile

Overall Score: 61 Percentile


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I’m proud to say, we’ve got the entire team learning digital marketing in a scaleable, standardized way. The level of engagement we’re seeing with OMI's Digital Essentials eLearning Program with JWT employees all over world has been unlike any training program I’ve ever known."

- John Baker,
Global Vice President, Digital

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My OMI subscription makes it easy for me to stay on top of what's working now in digital. As a small business marketer, I wear many hats — from managing email, to search, to social media, and more — and thanks to my OMI subscription, I am able to successfully execute these campaigns and increase sales for my company and my clients.   

Anna Lucia Novak

Small Business Marketing Consultant